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Business Overview

Skateboarding is a progressive sport. The advancement of the sport is driven by innovative skaters imagining, and then executing new and increasingly technical ways to express their style. Each generation of skaters raises the potential of what can be done on a skateboard. With this advancement, comes an increasing amount of falls that participants take as they spend hundreds and thousands of hours fine-turning their craft, and their ability. Unlike snowboarding and surfing, the surface participants fall on is hard and unforgiving. Conventional wisdom in the skateboarding community is that the only way to advance, and learn new tricks is to fall, again and again, by 'paying your dues.'

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that skateboarding accounts for as many as 70,000 emergency room visits each year. While helmets and pads are important equipment to mitigating injury, the blunt force trauma of falling in unavoidable.

The physical impact of falling affects skateboarders of every skill level, from novice to professional. Professional skateboarder Chris Gentry has developed a platform technology, the Pro Trainer, which allows skaters to practice various tricks, develop agility and muscle memory necessary to consistently execute those tricks, without the risk of falling, creating an environment designed to enhance progression and mitigate the pain.

ProEntertrainment was formed to further develop and commercialize the Pro Trainer, and other related technologies with an initial focus on skateboarding trainers.

Early in prototype development, Gentry reached out to other professional skaters including legends Danny Way and Christian Hosoi to test the Pro Trainer and provide feedback critical to ensuring the performance and functional appeal of the product, where Chris realized the potential for Pro Trainer extends beyond core training to fitness and entertainment. The Pro Trainer is a workout, and it is fun.

Our plan is to commercialize the Pro Trainer to the following target markets:

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